Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lunch at Sushi King for Bonanza Offer

This is not paid advertisment. This is just my honest review.

Today me and my friends went to sushi king to have our lunch. This is my second time. I love cute tiny food! Because it is easy for me to munch at one shoot. Yummieeeee.

So, today sushi king have offer, every plate costs RM3.18 included GST. So, you can eat as many as you want until you tummy become bloated.

So, these are some of my dishes. And the peak of happiness was the dessert. I had Durian Ice Cream Mochi. The taste was superbb. Blurp!

But, the best part of everything is having quality time with my friends who gonna finish their internship very soon. Knowing them is one of my favorite memories throughout my practical journey. Hope, they will be doing great and finish their degree with flying color (of course, insyaAllah)


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The basic thing you have to know about coffee

Just now, I scroll up my facebook and something did catch my attention. So, I think it is good to share here. As you might knowing, I am the coffeholic lady who might be seated next to you wanna share basic all the coffeeholic lover should know. Weeeheeehehehehe.

However, to be truth, I sometime got confused. Most of the urban cafe, got hipster names for the coffee they served, but actually it is the common coffee I've consumed. Neayy. (Confusing is a mess)

But, it's okey. The name doesn't matter, as long as the taste just get along with my type. Iamokey! Heeehehehe.

Well good night everyone!
Sleep tight


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Internship experience is a bliss

I still remember the first day I came to HUKM for my internship training. It was two months ago. That was the most sweaty day in my life. (You don't know how I was swimming with my own sweat!) I had to run here and there just to find where traffic department and how to get to human resource department and where is on the earth they placed radiology department in such huge hospital.

Not to mention, how many time I got to the wrong place because of people whom I asked for direction gave me such a helpful hints for a noob first-timer person like me (please don't say to me like - Jalan terus then below kiri, if there have a lots of kiri. You need to be specific which kiri did you mean about)

I had to go to different buildings for different purposes and I needed to wait the super slow lift on this earth (maybe it happened when you felt exhausted). And after waiting patiently, then the lift was full. Ergh. 

Why now?

I had to take stairs and only God knows how I am bathing with my own sweats!

Just a little bit.
I monologue.

I keep walking. And try to build up my motivation back. Switching smile with people around me. I needed positive aura.

After settling few documents, I went to radiology department. The place where I was assigned to. I looked for my supervisor to reporting myself. If you ever come to radiology department in HUKM, you will know this department is located at the end of the world. It's so far away!

I wandered around for few minutes, trying to distinguish which one the staff working there. I needed to ask people. Then, I came to a middle aged lady, she is wearing HUKM tags. She might be a staff, I guessed.

AH: Salam, tumpang tanya. Dimana says nak lapor diri untuk internship trainee?
Lady: Student mana?
Lady: Course apa?
AH: ee engineering
Lady: Kenapa engineering buat praktikal kat hospital? Saya rasa awak tak akan belajar banyak kat sini nanti.
AH: Erk. Owh. yeke

ON MY FIRST DAY of internship training, I got an unpleasant feedback from staff here - where we didn't even have any proper introduction to each other and yet she already predicted what kind of journey I would be walking through. I will not learn much??

After going such a tiring day from early in the morning until noon, running here and day. This very unmotivated welcomimg greeting somehow, it ruined my day. 

No. It ruined my WHOLE WEEK. I felt down to be honest. How can she gave such prediction to my own journey? How did she know I would not learned much here? I keep questioning her in my own self.

I try to naturalize myself. 

I might be too emotional. 

Maybe she's speechless when knowing future engineer walking down to the road and passing at the same street as they are. She might be worried about me because I would feel lonely because I would surrounded by different background of people, she might thinking I couldn't adapt with this new atmosphere. Hmm. She cared about me laa.

She was trying being nice and heartwarming.

The whole week, I tried to naturalize myself by saying those words. I just don't want to be drowned with negative thoughts. 

Starting from second week, my journey at HUKM became brighter and amazing. 

And now, I almost finish my journey as practical student. Today, I can deny what the middle aged lady had said to me. She is totally wrong from the very beginning.

I learn so much much much things here. And the most important things, I am not only learn, but I'd created so much memories too. And making new friends is the biggest extra gifts.

Well, dammmpppp. You've wronged!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ibu dan abah adalah harta bagi seorang 'aku'

Harta yang paling tidak ternilai harganya didunia ini selepas agama adalah ibu bapa. Kenapa? Tanpa ibu bapa, kita tidak mungkin berada disini.

Alhamdulillah, aku dikurniakan ibu bapa yang sangat menyayangi pada aku dan juga adik beradik yang lain. Allah.. rasa sukar nak gambarkan perasaan ini. Ibu dan abah adalah nikmat terbesar yang Allah kurniakan pada aku dan sering kali aku lupa mensyukuri nikmat yang satu ini.

Ibu dan abah adalah permata yang tidak mungkin akan dapat diganti dengan apa-apa yang ada didunia ini. Tidak mungkin.

Dahulu, aku pernah melawati rumah anak yatim. Satu perkara yang aku paling tersentuh adalah bila aku melihat wajah-wajah mereka, hati aku terdetik..

'Kalau diorang sedih, pada siapa diorang hendak mengadu?'

'Kalau diorang memerlukan duit untuk beli barang keperluan mereka, pada siapa diorang nak minta wang saku?'

'Kalau mereka merindu untuk dipeluk oleh tangan seorang ayah atau seorang ibu, pada siapa diorang hendak memberitahu rasa mereka?'


Aku semua ada
Aku semua dapat
Bila aku fikir semula
Betapa kurangnya aku bersyukur
atas kehadiran dan keberadaan ibu dan abah ku disisiku selama ini

Aku ada ibu
tempat aku mengadu
tempat aku meluah rasa
tempat aku merujuk
tempat aku menjadikan panduan
tempat aku mempelajari selok belok kehidupan

Aku ada abah
tempat aku berlindung
tempat aku minta pertolongan
tempat aku minta rujukan
tempat aku bersandar
tempat aku mendewasakan diri

Aku ada mereka
Sedangkan mungkin ramai orang diluar sana tidak memiliki apa yang aku miliki
Sedangkan mungkin ramai orang diluar sana tidak senasib dengan aku
Sedangkan mungkin ramai orang diluar sana tidak dilahirkan dalam keluarga seperti aku

Aku rasa aku sangat kurang bersyukur
Jika suatu hari nanti Allah mengambil mereka semula dariku tanpa sempat aku mensyukuri dan menghargai kehadiran mereka..
Amat malang dan celakalah aku...

Sempatkan aku untuk membalas jasa mereka
Berilah peluang padaku menjadi asbab kesyurganya mereka
Jadikan aku anak yang berbakti pada mereka sehingga akhir hayat mereka

Biarlah aku tidak jadi siapa-siapa didunia ini, asalkan aku adalah harta dan jambatan mereka ke syurga

Jangan biarkan aku lupa akan jasa-jasa mereka
Jangan pernahkan ia berlaku

Aku memerlukan mu
Untuk mengingatkan ku
Atas kehadiran mu
Dan kehadiran mereka dalam hidupku

Allah redhailah mereka
Cintailah mereka
Bangunkan mahligai yang indah buat mereka disyurga firdausmu, mahligai yang dekat dengan mu dan kekasihmu


Monday, August 14, 2017

Favorite Korean Instant Coffee

I am coffeeholic lady who might being seated next to you, enjoying sipping my cup of coffee alone at urban cafe and never care less about people around because I'd been travelling to another world of mine with just a cup of coffee in my hand.

I like to try different type of coffees listed on menu board but somehow, most of the time, I turn out order the same type of coffee. (It's very tempting to try all!)

Coffee is my therapy when I got headache or when I feel gloomy. I need strong taste to boast my energy and fix up my hormone back. So far, this one is perfectly suit and work for me.

But when I got stress, my therapy is travelling or going out to the place I've never been or take one or two hours driving to nowhere and get lost in unfamiliar place.

Or just calling my mom. (She is a super good therapist)

No need for shopping or any entertainment like watching movie or karaoke. To be honest, I don't really like to go to places with so many people, crowded, or too much noise. It gives me more stress. (But, I like being surrounded by my friends and having non-stop chatting and laughing.)

Back to coffee topic, these days, I like to drink this one instant coffee that my mom bought it from Korea, MAXIM if I'm not spell it wrongly. The packaging looks like coffee 3-IN-1 Nestle, but for me the flavor is much better. The savor is good and ideal to my taste. Not too thick and not too light - it just in the middle.

Normally, I don't prefer instant coffee, but for MAXIN I can go with it. We are best friend now. Hooyeahh. 

Whenever I can't afford to enjoy a cup of coffee at urban cafe because I am on budgeting. This one is good enough to satisfy my coffeeholic's desire.